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Guangzhou Pearl River Cable Co., Ltd.

      Guangzhou Pearl River Cable Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and sales company of wires and cables. The new site of the Pearl River Cable Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful and economically developed high-tech industrial park of the Economic Development Zone of Conghua District in Guangzhou. The logistics is well developed and the transportation is convenient. Huacheng Cable has a modern industrialized production base, advanced Guangzhou Pearl River wire and cable special manufacturing and testing equipment, a group of high-quality production management personnel and skilled production technology backbone, with strong technical force, superior production and supply capacity . 【see details】

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Corporate News

Mineral insulated cable advantages

Mineral insulated cable advantages: Since the entire material of this cable uses inorganic materials, it has the advantage that some other cables may not have. 1, fire-resistant The two materials used in mineral insulated cables, copper and

Cable School

Wire purchase considerations

Wire purchase considerations A wire length of 100 meters, plus or minus 0.5 meters error, some businesses also provide zero-cut wire, this short-segment wire to meet the needs of some users to buy a small amount of wire. Common specificatio

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