Spread the light to give back to society
Pearl River Cable not only manufactures cables, but also creates honor. The use of cables to transmit human light not only allows corporate culture to disseminate lofty social values, but also encourages us to apply more blessed dedication and actively assume social responsibility to reward everyone.
Integrity and win-win
Zhujiang Cable's operating style is: pragmatic, truth-seeking, childless, committed to building, relying on the basis of contracted, procedural business model. Keeping promises and staying safe and high-quality have been your responsibility. Every employee's loyalty in the Pearl River Cable is the greatest value, and the company's culture is transformed into the driving force to take up the discipline, performance, image and responsibility of each branch, and even to take responsibility.
The team is supreme
Pearl River Cable understands that the company's mission and honors are above everything else. The interests of the group are higher than those of the individual. The growth value is higher than the personal material wealth. The company's platform and options stocks are the pride and honor of the Pearl River people. We believe that even a little grievance will not be able to stand.
Only competition can develop
We all know that there is no family-colored cable in the Pearl River. We can only gain development and power on the basis of loyalty, accountability, and strict supervision. In the industry, we face squarely: because of your competition, we can make our development faster; because of you The excellence makes us more outstanding; because we have you beyond our dreams.
                                                                                                                                                                                              — — Brand is Competitiveness

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