National Leading Wire and Cable

      Guangzhou Pearl River Cable owns the only European style design production workshop in China, covering an area of 500 acres. At the same time, it adopts the leading wire and cable industry core manufacturing technology and introduces the world's most advanced wire and cable production equipment and product quality testing equipment, with an annual output value of up to 50 Billion. After receiving the order, it can be shipped within 24 hours. In the production process, the Group uses all possible means to decompose the entire process into simple processes that can be performed by the machine and continuously improve the level of production automation. As long as the machine can do it, within the scope of reasonable cost, it will not allow people to do so. Avoid the instability caused by human factors. Guangzhou Pearl River Cable strictly controls the quality of its products and strives to build a brand that is deeply loved by everyone for over 100 years!



World advanced production equipment

    First-rate products require first-class equipment manufacturing. The overall equipment level of the Guangzhou Pearl River Wire and Cable Group ranks among the leading countries in the country, and imported equipment has reached the world's leading level. The group not only owns wire drawing equipment imported from Germany, it also imports fully-automatic rocker packing equipment imported from Taiwan, the most advanced PVC granulation production equipment in the country, imported automated granulation pipe conveying system, and the most advanced bar code production data acquisition system in the United States. In addition, following the construction of the national power grid, we have purchased world-leading 35KV and below cross-linked cable three-layer co-extrusion production lines, one-step silane cross-linked production lines, and copper puller units and other world-leading wire and cable from the United States, Germany, and other countries. production line.


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