Home decoration wiring knowledge and precautions solution

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Reading:In home decoration, wiring is a very important part. If inferior electrical materials used in the wiring process, or unregulated electrical wiring, it will bring a lot of security risks. The following Xiao Bian brings the basic knowledge an

In home decoration, wiring is a very important part. If inferior electrical materials used in the wiring process, or unregulated electrical wiring, it will bring a lot of security risks. The following Xiao Bian brings the basic knowledge and precautions of home improvement wires.
1, the amount of wire and wire port specifications, to take into account the total amount of home appliances before the wiring, follow-up will buy new home appliances. High-power appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, and air conditioners require a separate line. Household appliances need to be continuously added and updated, and the power will be continuously strengthened. When wiring, it is necessary not only to consider the existing capacity, but also to consider the future of electricity, and the separate wiring of high-power electrical appliances is beneficial for future line inspection and maintenance;
2. Different home appliances have different home electrical power. The power distribution box of each household should be differentiated according to the different power of the indoor electrical equipment. If it is air-conditioning, microwave rate, heating appliances and other high-power household appliances and equipment should be independent wiring, installation of sockets: BVV is the national standard code, refers to the copper sheathed line, household one-way air-conditioning line application BVV2*4, and match Special ground
3, in the wiring, pay attention to distinguish between the phase and the zero line. In civil low-voltage lines, the phase line is the common name for FireWire. The color of the general phase line is red, and the neutral line color is blue. In the wiring, the fire line color of the same house should be uniform, and the protection line (PE) uses yellow-green two-color lines;
4. Two or three incoming threading pipes are introduced into the home information access box from the outside, and the outlet line pipe is then sent from the home information box to each indoor information outlet. Arrangement of the threaded pipe should be using steel or rigid PVC pipe, that is, flame-retardant rigid PVC pipe;
5, home improvement wire Considering the kitchen, bathroom, these two spaces are more functional, but also more water for household life, for the ground waterproof is very strict. Therefore, when kitchens and TVs deploy strong wires, they generally cannot be routed on the ground, but are routed along the walls along the roof. Otherwise, slotted wiring on the ground may damage the waterproof layer of the space.
6, line alignment horizontal and vertical. In electrical wiring construction, horizontal and vertical has become the standard for the construction of electrical wires. The cabling project is a hidden project. If it is only for the early phase of the ramping line, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to the subsequent maintenance. In particular, many owners now like to decorate walls with frescoes, decorative paintings, or picture frames. Horizontal and vertical lines allow owners to clearly understand the location of punch holes rather than to cut the lines.
7. The buried burial line must be insulated on the wire jacket before the plaster layer can be purchased. The normative construction standard is that the wires in the bushing cannot be distorted and jointed. At the same time, no more than three rotors are allowed when a group of wires are buried, otherwise the box must be connected. If you do not follow this standard, you may not have any impact in the short term and you will not see any problems. But if it takes a long time, if one of the wires goes wrong, one set of wires cannot be used anymore;
8. Strong and weak currents should be connected in different junction boxes. The spacing between the two junction boxes should be greater than 150 mm. This is because strong and weak currents and power are all different. If they are connected at the same time in a junction box or even cross-distributed, the weak power function will be affected. If these small details are ignored, the occurrence of telephone noise, network instability, etc., which affect strong communication and interference with normal communications may occur, which will inconvenience life.
9. The parallel distance between pipelines passing through electric wires and gas pipes, heating pipes, and hot water pipes should not be less than 300mm. This is to prevent the aging of the wire insulation layer due to heat from the wires and to prevent the static electricity generated by the wires from generating gas lines. influences.

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